Increase customer intention for spending

We know your biggest priority is to create a perfect entertaining ambience for casino guests to stay and enjoy themselves as much as they can. From the moment they arrive, customers want to feel inspired and energized. Studies show that using of a great aroma can be the deciding factor whether a person stays in a venue or decides to leave.

The presence of a certain scent not only creates brand loyalty and recognition, it instantly increases the casino guest spending. Directly connected to our limbic system of the brain, sense of smell subconsciously makes us to express our emotions and mood. It drives us to take decisions and act impulsively.

Trials in a US casino showed that gambling revenue increase by 48% with introducing of certain scent

Use scent for success

Deliver well-being and increase satisfaction to your casino guests by adding a pleasant aroma that will make them feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to spend. Scented environment will not only have positive effect on your customers, personal and staff will also benefit working in clean and fresh atmosphere.

We know for a fact that your establishment will create a positive vibe and retain more customers. Moreover, you do not have to worry about unpleasant odors lingering in the air any more. With the largest selection of aromas and state-of-the-art technology for any space that aroma issues will no longer be a part of your problems.

Market Leading Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

Advanced nanotechnology helps achieve the maximum decomposition of the essential oils molecules into the air. The oils are uniformly and rapidly diffused in the surrounding area in an exquisite way. Discover our elegant, discrete and easy-to-use scent delivery systems.