Increase Customer Desire to Play

As a casino owner, your goal is to create the perfect entertaining space so casino guests will want to stay and enjoy themselves as much as they can. Scent marketing is an effective and unique way to increase the number of your casino guests, achieve great customer satisfaction and promote your brand.


Studies show that using a memorable and pleasing aroma can be the deciding factor in whether a person stays in a venue or decides to leave. From the moment they arrive, your customers want to feel inspired and energized. If your casino smells amazing, your guests will respond positively to the influence of the fragrance. Their mood will improve, they will become more relaxed and after they leave, they will remember their visit as a positive experience. 


The presence of a certain scent not only fosters brand loyalty and recognition, it instantly increases the spending of casino guests. Directly connected to the limbic system of the brain, our sense of smell subconsciously helps us express our emotions and mood. It drives us to make decisions and act on our impulses.


By choosing a high-quality fragrance from The Magic Scent, you can establish a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that will reinforce your brand name and guarantee an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for your casino guests.

Trials in a US casino showed that gambling revenue increased by 48% with the introduction of a certain scent.

Energize the Atmosphere with Scent

Create a sense of well-being and increase the satisfaction of your casino guests with a pleasing fragrance designed to make them feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to spend. A scented environment will not only have a positive effect on your customers, it will also benefit your personnel and staff by ensuring a clean and fresh atmosphere.


The Magic Scent has a variety of fragrances that are specially designed for large buildings such as casinos. They offer a unique scenting experience and create a positive and energizing atmosphere.


All our scents are created from only raw ingredients and oils in a method that preserves their inherent therapeutic benefits and essences. This guarantees their high quality and effectiveness in evoking the desired sensory experience. 


Our fragrances include lemongrass, white tea, jasmine, musk, coffee, vanilla, white wood, pine, cinnamon, rose, French lavender, eucalyptus, blackwood, leather, bamboo and ocean. The Magic Scent also offers high-end scent collections: Home Collection, CBDream Collection, Food Collection, Hotel Collection, Office and Bank Collection, Spa Collection, Retail Collection, Sport Collection and Private Collection. Choose either an individual aroma or an aroma blend, depending on your preference.


Our scents come in aluminum bottles that protect them from coming into contact with air and are easy to store and use. They do not contain aerosols, toxic chemicals, propellant gas, VOC or other harmful substances. When dispersed into a dry mist via our aroma diffusers, the essential oils stay in the air for a long time for maximum enjoyment and effect. The essential oils by The Magic Scent are not only beneficial to general health and well-being, but also inhibit any unpleasant or stale odors.

Market Leading Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

Our essential oil diffusion systems help you communicate in a new way with your casino guests and provide them with the best scent experience possible. Our diffusers use state-of-the-art nanotechnology, combining cold-filtered air with highly pressurized air to break down essential oils into nanoparticles that form a fine dry mist. This unique aroma delivery method ensures that the fragrance mist remains suspended in the air, delivering a consistent scent saturation long after it has been diffused. This guarantees efficient and even scent diffusion and preservation of aromatherapy benefits. 


Our scent diffusion systems are hypoallergenic, free of toxic chemicals, aerosols, VOC and propellant gas. And because they come in a range of sizes, you can choose the system that is appropriate for your casino. 

Your Scent Delivered Your Way

If you want to attract more customers and offer a high-quality casino experience to your guests, choosing the right scent diffuser is one of the best ways to do this. The Magic Scent has customizable and easy-to-use aroma diffusion systems ideal for casinos of all sizes. 


Our aroma diffusers work with smart technology and have a range of features including fully programmable cycles, automatic start/stop option, multiple fragrance intensity levels and a “multi-task” option. This allows you to adjust the operation according to the function of the location you are scenting. Depending on your scent preferences and goals, you can choose to scent the entire space or just specific locations. 


The Magic Scent has scent delivery systems in elegant and discreet designs that fits with any style of casino interior. The TMS 1000 and TMS 1500 aroma systems are the most suitable scent machine models for casino spaces and offer different settings to meet your requirements.


TMS 1000 covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. and offers multiple fragrance intensity levels and up to 3 different programs per day.


TMS 1500 covers up to 15,000 sq. ft. and offers multiple fragrance intensity levels and up to 3 different programs per day.


Depending on the model, our essential oil diffusion systems can be installed in several ways: as a standalone unit, wall-mounted, placed outside or inside A/C units, or through a HVAC connection. They are also completely safe for use with A/C units.


Your choice of fragrance and aroma diffusion system depends on the size of the area you are scenting and the level of scent you want to disperse. But whatever system and fragrance you choose, we guarantee that it will provide amazing and long-lasting fragrances that will pleasantly surprise your casino guests and make their stay a memorable one.