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  • How do essential oil diffusers work?

    There is hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy pleasant scents. Feeling a delightful scent upon entering a building always makes a good impression. Scent is a powerful agent and you should definitely use it to your advantage, no matter if you are a homeowner or business owner. Aromatherapy offers delight to the senses and the best […]

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  • How to use essential oil diffuser?

    Using essential oil diffusers is one of the best ways to bring pleasant scents into your home or workplace environment. Тhere are several ways in which you can use essential oil – by inhaling it, using it in a humidifier or in an aroma diffuser. Essential oils can be diluted with carrier oil or applied […]

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  • What is an essential oil diffuser?

    Essential oils have been widely used in perfumes, cosmetics and medicines since ancient times. In the past scented oils were used even in wines and foods to improve their taste or to preserve them. Besides aromatherapy essential oils were known also for their healing benefits. It’s always peasant when you enter a building and sense […]

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