Incorporate scent into the esthetic experience

Art is an emotional concept which wins the heart of the viewer. As an art proprietor we know that you have done everything to create the perfect atmosphere. One thing you might be missing to impress your clients is the art of the aromas.

Nowadays, there is a tremendous trend of using scents to increase the esthetic experience for all visitors. Even more, there are numerous fragrances like grass, jasmine, pine and patchouli wafting around galleries, museums, and studios.

Smell has a big effect on visitors to the museum, because smell is linked to memory. Smell enhances the sense of reality, and smell enhances emotions, says Verbeek:
Art historian specializing in art and the senses

Add a piece of Art

With our multiple cold air diffusion systems available, including both stand-alone and HVAC-connected units we able to add a piece of art into your magnificent and historian art place.

Create a deep emotional bond with your customers by using the right aroma. Beauty is best perceived in a fully-artistic ambience. Let The Magic Scent help you complete your masterpiece!

Market Leading Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

Advanced nanotechnology helps achieve the maximum decomposition of the essential oils molecules into the air. The oils are uniformly and rapidly diffused in the surrounding area in an exquisite way. Discover our elegant, discrete and easy-to-use scent delivery systems.