Create calming environment

Nowadays, scenting in healthcare industry has been widely used to create pleasance and more positive environment. The strength of scent penetrates directly into the brain and helps reduce stress and perception of pain.

Hospitals, Dental Centers and waiting rooms often create feels of anxiety and disturbance. Whether you are a visitor or patient, the smell of cleaning supplies and sterilization can contribute to a negative experience. For this reason, medical clinics turn to the most powerful human sense – smell to create more relaxing and calming ambience.

Results show that ambient scents of vanilla, lavender and eucalyptus reduce anxiety and improve patient mood waiting for treatment

Emotional response with certain scents

Changing customer perception for all medical centers has not been so easy. But it’s absolutely proven that diffusing a soothing scent with extracts of lavender, vanilla bean and eucalyptus can drive a positive emotional response in patients. In pediatric practices, diffusing a child-friendly scent such as bubble gym or melon can make younger patients feel less stressful.

Deliver well-being with a certain scent to your patients, visitors and employees while fight the spread of airborne bacteria with our highly innovated cold air diffusion technology appropriate for all type of spaces.

Market Leading Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

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