welcome your guests and increase quality of accommodation

Scent marketing for hotels can help you make your guests feel happy with their stay at your hotel. 

Hotel scent machines have wide applications in different types of industries and places. They can be used at both home and business buildings. These aroma delivery systems can be used at:

  • hotel lobby bars,
  • retail stores,
  • showrooms,
  • fitnesses,
  • spa centers,
  • restaurants and cafes,
  • night spots,
  • casinos. 

If you need a scent delivery system for your hotel, hotel scent machines are the perfect option for you. They can provide you with a variety of benefits for your business. One of them is the opportunity to increase your sales and get more hotel reservations.

Hotel lobby scent machines and hotel scent diffusers provide you with a great opportunity to offer your customers a pleasant environment which guarantees them an amazing hotel experience. They diffuse high-quality essential oils into the air which have different therapeutic benefits.

 They enhance a positive mood, increase productivity and energy levels, and they also have a deodorizing effect and protect against mold.

The Magic Scent offers a variety of hotel scent systems that use an innovative nanotechnology. These scent machines offer uniform and consistent aroma diffusion into the air which has a long-lasting effect.

Essential oil diffusion systems are a great way to offer your customers a unique experience. They are customizable and their settings can be adapted to the specific scent needs of each type of business. You can choose from different types of scents for your aroma diffusion system.

Hotel scent machines can be installed at hotel spaces of different sizes. 

Hotel scent systems can be installed in your hotel in different ways. They can be:

  • either wall-mounted,
  • stand-alone or portable units placed on the floor,
  • they can be connected to HVAC systems. 

In this way they can use the airflow in your ducts via a special pipe.

There are different types of hotel scent machines. All types of essential oil diffusion systems can be used for hotel buildings. But TMS 1000 and TMS 1500 are the most preferred essential oil diffusion systems for large buildings such as hotels and casinos.

After entering your doors, guests should be welcomed by a cozy, fresh, and clean atmosphere. The first impression they will receive is the look of your lobby and the way it smells. Making sure you have the right aroma, at the right intensity is crucial to your guests’ satisfaction. The right scent can immensely help you express your professionalism and attention to detail. Ultimately this will make your guests feel special and relaxed.

Your environment and brand will be enhanced through use of the right scent in public areas like lobby, lounge, meeting rooms, spa, fitness center and even restrooms. Hospitality brands are using signature scent to their advantage, knowing that leaves an amazing lasting impression on their guest, something that remains longer after their stay is over.

With 40% accuracy we remember what we see for one month, with up to 60% accuracy we remember what we smell for an entire year, the combination of sight and smell enhanced results further.

Create a stronger emotional connection with your guest

Our sense of smell is the only sense linked directly to the limbic system of the brain responsible for our emotions and memories scent plays a significant role in how we perceive and remember things. The right fragrance has the ability to create a truly strong connection with your guest on a unique level. Data shows that scent drives devotion and your guest will return to your hotel.

With our multiple cold air diffusion systems available, including both stand-alone and HVAC-connected units, adding the most appropriate fragrance to your hotel has been an exceptional privilege for us.

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Advanced nanotechnology helps achieve the maximum decomposition of the essential oils molecules into the air. The oils are uniformly and rapidly diffused in the surrounding area in an exquisite way. Discover our elegant, discrete and easy-to-use scent delivery systems.