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Scent Machines for
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Sell More With Scent Marketing

Administrative establishments can be nerve-racking and stressful for customers and employees. Waiting in line, dealing with financial paperwork and handling work-related issues tends to put pressure on people. By using the right fragrance and intensity level, you can turn this experience from a stressful experience into one that’s delightful for everyone involved.

The right fragrance will impress your customers from the moment they enter your doors. This positive impact will last even after they have departed. That’s the advantage of effective scent marketing.

Your employees will also benefit from this sensory experience since the power of scent can have a direct effect on their performance. The right fragrance can increase energy levels and creativity, improve focus and recall, and generally help foster a positive and relaxed mood. Our scent diffusion systems can also protect your work environment from unpleasant odors.

Make your customers feel welcome and your employees more productive by using our all-inclusive aroma solutions.

A study in a financial services company concluded that staff made 40% fewer errors when surrounded by the scent of cinnamon or citrus.

The Right Scent for Your Business

Selecting one of the high-quality fragrances available from The Magic Scent, you can establish the right sensory experience that matches your office or financial institution while reinforcing your brand identity.

Our scents are created from only raw ingredients and oils in a way that preserves their inherent therapeutic benefits and essences. The natural origin of the essential oils that go into our fragrance solutions guarantees their high quality and effectiveness in scenting your space. Our fragrances include lemongrass, white tea, jasmine, musk, coffee, vanilla, white wood, pine, cinnamon, rose, French lavender, eucalyptus, blackwood, leather, bamboo, and ocean. We also have a wide collection of citrus and spicy scents: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, cedar, and cinnamon.

The Magic Scent has also developed a series of high-end scent collections: Food Collection, Home Collection, CBDream Collection, Hotel Collection, Office and Bank Collection, Spa Collection, Retail Collection, Sport Collection, and Private Collection. Choose either an individual aroma or an aroma blend, depending on your preference.

Our scents come in aluminum bottles that protect them from coming into contact with air and are easy to store and use. Our fragrances do not contain aerosols, toxic chemicals, propellant gas, VOC, or other harmful substances. When dispersed into a dry mist via our aroma diffusers, the essential oils stay in the air for a long time for maximum enjoyment and effect.

Your Scent Delivered Your Way

Our essential oil diffusion systems use state-of-the-art nanotechnology combining cold-filtered air with highly pressurized air to break down essential oils into nanoparticles that form a fine dry mist.

This unique aroma delivery method ensures that the fragrance mist remains suspended in the air, delivering a consistent scent saturation long after it has been diffused into the air. This guarantees efficient and even scent diffusion and preservation of aromatherapy benefits.

Our scent diffusion systems are hypoallergenic, free of toxic chemicals, aerosols, VOC, and propellant gas. And because they come in a range of sizes, you can choose the system that is appropriate for your needs. For example, a stand-alone diffuser is ideal for a private office or waiting area, while a larger system can deliver scent throughout the office environment through your office HVAC system.

Whichever model you choose, you will find that using our office diffusers in your bank or office will benefit your clients as well as your staff.

Global Companies That Use Scent as a Marketing Tool

We at The Magic Scent understand the importance of customer service and interaction. It is our duty to help you maximize your advantage in your business by utilizing the power of scent marketing. We level the playing field by providing the same advantages usually enjoyed by larger corporations to businesses of all sizes.