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If you are searching a scent option for your retail store, The Magic Scent offers you a rich collection of high quality scents-Retail Collection. Bringing the right scent into your establishment will help you create loyalty and satisfaction among your customers. 

If you want to impress your customers and make them feel wonderful at your business place, this scent collection is ideal for you.


This radiant and fresh scent is inspired by Wynn Hotel at Las Vegas. Winn scent’s top notes are Cold Wind, Citrus, Sweet Honey, the middle notes  are Laurel tree Leaves and rose. Sweet Cream, White musk, Oak moss form the scent’s base.

The citrus gives this sophisticated scent an uplifting effect, the cold wind makes it light and the sweet honey adds a delicate note.

Bay Laurel tree essential oil extract gives a sophisticated vibe to Winn scent.  Laurel tree extract was believed to possess magical powers in the past. The rose notes give the aroma an exquisite sense. 

The base notes such as woody oak moss, white musk, sweet cream make the scent deep, mysterious and rich. These notes also offer a sense of vitality and energize you and the others around you.

Jasmine Fleur

Jasmine Fleur is the right scent you need for a long and productive day. The top note of this scent is jasmine garden, jasmine leaves, muguet are the middle notes and  the scent’s base note is white musk.

Jasmine is one of the most sensual and alluring scents. It gives the scent its exotic feeling and it creates a romantic mood. Jasmine essential oil is known for its quality to fight stress.

As middle notes, muguet and jasmine unite all of the ingredients of this scent together. White musk gives a light feeling to the scent. With its soft smell Muguet adds a floral romantic note to the scent mix. The amazing white musk makes the scent heavenly and spiritual. White lily on the other hand gives the scent a delicate feel.


This type of scent has a soothing effect. Thanks to the mix of relaxing essential oils eucalyptus and Borneol it contains, Eucalyptus has the ability to relieve physical and mental discomfort. Eucalyptus essential oil is famous for its deodorant, antiseptic and decongestant qualities.

 Rosemary adds a sophisticated vibe to the scent mix which contrasts with its musky base. Rosemary oil has a unique benefit to thinking and memory. This essential oil prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, which is a brain chemical that responds for focus and memory.

Musk extract is popular in aromatherapy for its relaxing effect. Musk decreases stress and it can relieve mental and physical fatigue.

The scent’s top notes are Eucalyptus and Borneol, the middle note is rosemary and the base note is musk

Rose elixir

The top Notes of this scent are  Bulgarian Rose and lemon, the middle Notes are rose hip, geranium, mint and the base notes  are violet leaves and musk

Other popular scents from Retail Collection:

  • Whitewood
  • Secret
  • Spring
  • Heaven
  • Rio
  • Quiet bamboo
  • Ocean
  • Leather blend
  • Le Noir
  • Blackwood
  • Marvelous musk


Why choose ... (type of smell)?

The Magic Scent offers you a variety of amazing fragrances that can help you turn your home, office or car into a wonderful place. Your choice of a scent should depend on what effect you want to achieve and the environment.

The Magic Scent offers high end collections of different scents for every mood and type of place. The scent collections include Home collection, Office & Bank Collection, Hotel Collection, Private Collection, Retail Collection, Sport Collection, Retail Collection, Spa Collection.

Reasons to use essential oils:

High Quality

One of the main reasons why you should choose the collections by The Magic Scentis that they offer high quality. The fragrance solutions are made entirely out of high quality ingredients and raw materials. The natural origin of the oils guarantees that their essence is well-preserved and they offer a scent of the highest quality.

The essential oils are diffused by the aroma diffusion systems in a way that they offer consistent and uniform aroma saturation. The way they are dispersed makes sure that they don’t lose their natural therapeutic properties and bring amazing scent into your home or office in an effective and uniform way.

Mood boosting properties

Essential oils have a proven effect on your mood and your overall health. Different scents offer a different influence on your health. Some scents offer a relaxing effect and some have an energizing effect. 

  • • Lemongrass, Citrus, Jasmine - energy
  • • Lavender, Vanilla, Mint - relaxation
  • • Whitewood, Cinnamon, Musk, Mint - focus

Health benefits

The essential oils used by cold air diffusion systems are harmless to the environment and your health. Essential oil diffusion systems can be used by people who have kids or pets.


All of the essential oils offered by The Magic Scent are made from high quality ingredients and raw materials. They are completely safe for your kids or pets. 

The scents are free from:

  • • aerosols,
  • • toxic chemicals,
  • • propellant gas,
  • • VOC or other harmful substances.

How will it help my scent marketing?

It is proven that scent is the closest sense linked to memory. If you want to make your customers remember your band name, one of the best ways to do this is to impress them with a wonderful scent.

Every business owner should get advantage of scent marketing and make their business more profitable. It is proven that pleasant scents bring many benefits to your business. Aroma diffusers offer you one the best methods to attract more customers and make them want to come back to you. There are many reasons why you should incorporate aromas into your modern banding strategy.

Everyone can agree that feeling a pleasant smell when you enter a commercial building or a store always makes a positive impression. It makes you relate your positive experience with the place you have felt that certain smell. For this reason business owners incorporate aroma diffusion systems into their brand creation strategy.

It’s a fact that scent is the sense that is most closely linked to memory. And that is why we tend to link scents to certain places. So, if you want to make your customers remember your business location, using scent diffusers is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Essential oil diffusers offer you an effective way to bring amazing scents into your business property. Cold air diffusion systems are the most advanced technology that exists in the aroma industry. It offers numerous benefits to your business and your health as well.

One of the biggest advantages of aroma diffusion systems is the fact that they can be used at a variety of places. They have a modern easy-to-use design and feature different settings. You can choose from different types of scents and choose to use them during different times of the day.

Essential oil diffusion systems are not only effective,but they are also economic option for any type of business.Another great benefit of aroma diffusers is that they can be set at variety of business places:

  • • hotels,
  • • restaurants,
  • • cafes,
  • • retail stores,
  • • showrooms,
  • • fitnesses, 
  • • spas
  • • health centers,
  • • night spot,
  • • casinos.

Essential oil diffusion systems offer not only equal scent diffusion inside your building but also great natural therapeutic benefits. This is due to the fact that essential oils are made of only raw ingredients.

Picking the right scent for your business will help you improve your customers’ satisfaction. Pleasant smell can leave a memorable imprint on your customers’ senses. Besides attracting more customers, using scent marking for our business will also help you create brand recognition, increase your sales and also increase the value of your business or residence.

Scent marketing helps you increase the quality of your accommodation and make your guests feel amazing.

Many companies use the power of scent to their advantage. Pleasant fragrances have really the ability to make a positive impression upon customers and guarantee their enjoyable stay at your business building. Pleasant fragrances are something more than this. With the power of scent you can connect with your customers on a deeper emotional level.

How will it affect the people in the room?

Aroma diffusion systems are one of the most effective ways to bring scent into your business or home building. There are numerous reasons why you should use an essential oil diffuser. It can positively benefit not only your health, but also increase the success of your business.

Essential oils have many benefits to your health and mood as well. When they are of natural origin, they positively influence the mood and increase productivity. That is why you should pick up essential oils of high quality for your aroma delivery system.

What makes essential oil diffusers effective is the special nanotechnology they use. This technology allows an uniform diffusion of the essential oils and a quality scent. 

The essential oil diffusers way of work is breaking down essential oils into nanoparticles which are dispersed into the air. These scent particles form a fine mist that stays in the air instead of falling down. This means the effect from the scent is long-lasting and the people in the room can sense it for a long time.

Essential oils offer many benefits both to your physical and mental well-being. Pleasant scents improve your focus and enhance a positive mood, increase your productivity and energy levels, allow easy breathing. 

Some essential oils have a relaxing effect. There are different aroma blends that either offer a relaxing or energizing effect.Your choice of essential oil for your home or business generally depends on the aroma effect you want to achieve.

How long does the smell last?

Cold air essential oil diffusers offer the most effective and advanced technology in the scent marketing industry. They are a unique and effective product for any type of business or home. These aroma delivery systems offer a long-lasting and uniform scent diffusion for any type of space thanks to the modern cold air diffusion technology they use.

The exact period of time an essential oil bottle will last depends mainly on the specific settings you choose. For example, if you set an essential oil diffusion system to work for 8-10 hours a day on a middle intensity level, the scent bottle will last approximately for a month.

Some of the settings essential oil diffusion systems offer include a fully programmable cycle with a digital display, automatic start/stop option, multiple fragrance intensity levels, a “multi-task” option (it can run up to 3 programs during an entire day). 

 For instance, you can choose the scent to be light in the morning, mild at noon or strong at night according to your preferences.

The long-lasting aroma effect aroma diffusers offer is achieved by the nanotechnology they apply. This nanotechnology uses a combination of highly pressurized air and cold-filtered air which breaks down essential oils into nanoparticles. 

Essential oil diffusers are equipped with compressors of aroma diffusers that work with an innovative technology which allows an even distribution of every scent. The essential oils are broken into a fine dry mist of nanoparticles. This mist doesn’t fall down like spray usually does but it remains in the air instead.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the purchase? Do you offer returns?

Yes, The Magic Scent offers you a product return option, if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The Magic Scent accepts returns with full refund or exchanges. Every customer can return their product and get a full refund which doesn’t include the shipping charges. Customers of The Magic Scent have also the option to exchange their product for another one which can be either similar to the product they are returning.

You can return your product within 30 days from the date of purchase or the date when you received the product. The Magic Scent accepts product returns only by email. 

It’s recommended to use a shipping carrier who can offer a tracking number and insurance. The Magic Scent doesn’t hold the responsibility if your package was lost in transit.

If you want to return a diffuser you purchased from The Magic Scent, the diffuser must be in a “like-new” condition and has its original packaging.

If you want to return an essential oil, you can also do it within 30 days from the date of purchase or the date you received the essential oil. To get a refund, the essential oilbottle should be sealed and unopened.

 You can exchange any essential oil you want for another type of essential oil at an equal or lesser price. You can make the exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase or the date you received the essential oil. The essential oil should be sealed and unopened.

To make a product return or exchange, you should add a copy of an invoice, receipt or credit card as a proof of your purchase. 

The Magic Scent will notify you when your returned product arrives. You will be also notified on the status of your return as The Magic Scent inspects the item. 

When the return is approved, a refund to your credit card will be made or via the original method of payment.After a certain number of days depending on your bank policy, you will get a refund.

What is a diffuser?

A diffuser is a special device designed for aroma delivery that can be used at different types of space. It uses essential oils which are diffused into the air. Essential oil diffuserstend to be different types. The essential oils aroma diffusers work with offer you many positive benefits to your mental and physical well-being. 

Why buy a diffuser from The Magic Scent?

The aroma diffusers offered by The Magic Scent use state-of the art technology in diffusing different types of scents at different places. They provide you with an efficient and even scent diffusion. Scent diffusers can be installed at a variety of places and here are scent machines for small spaces and scent machines for large spaces.

The aroma diffusers feature different technological features. Some of these features are fully programmable cycles, automatic start/stop option, multiple fragrance intensity levels, “multi-task” option.

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