Senior Living

Assisted living residences may use our pure essential oils to induce the comfort and delight of residents, families and staff.

Senior living residences are the perfect places where you should try to get the amazing advantages aromatherapy provides you with. Pleasant fragrances really have the power to induce a positive mood and create a feeling of positivity and well-being. 

The effect of scent is immediate and for this reason essential oils are a  preferred tool in brand marketing used by different businesses.

By using the right type of scent you can offer both caregivers and seniors with a pleasant everyday experience. The Magic Scent offers you different types of essential oil diffusion systems that are designed for large public spaces.

These aroma delivery systems are customizable and versatile which makes them suitable for installing at a variety of places. Their simple design can become part of any type of interior. Essential oil diffusers can really improve the quality of life of both elderly people and their caregivers at senior living facilities.

One of the great advantages of essential oil diffusion systems is the fact that they are completely safe for use and the essential oils they use have amazing health benefits. 

The Magic Scent collection of scent blends is made of fully natural essential oils which guarantee amazing scents of high quality.

Natural essential oils have a:

  • calming effect,
  • relieve anxiety,
  • depression,
  • improve the memory,
  • fight fatigue and give energy,
  • help you overcome pain. 

It is proven that when used regularly they can relieve the symptoms of some serious diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia.

Essential oil diffusion systems offer effective scent diffusion because they work with innovative nanotechnology. This type aroma delivery technology breaks down essential oils into molecules which permeate the air and offer a long-lasting scent.

The Magic Scent offers both small and large aroma diffusion systems that use an advanced nanotechnology in their aroma diffusion process.


The Magic Scent offers a wide range of scents which can be used for aromatherapy. There are many ways in which aromatherapy for seniors and caregivers works to enhance their lives. First, smell triggers positive memories and also affects the nervous system in a good way. Scent works magically on the mind and body, giving improved health and well-being.


Researches show that aromatherapy starts doing its wonders the moment one smells the essential oil. The scents trigger the olfactory nerves which signal the parts of the brain that are responsible for controlling the mood, memory, and emotions – in a positive way.


The same parts also control the fight-flight relaxation response. This is why aromatherapy causes physical reactions. Remember stepping into a spa and smelling an essential oil and instantly feeling calmer and more relaxed? The same happens when seniors and caregivers incorporate The Magic Scent into their lives.

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Seniors and Caregivers

Our Cold-Air Diffusion Technology further enhances the therapeutic process. The aromatherapy offers a lot of additional benefits such as improved sleep and digestion and reduced stress, pain levels, anxiety, and less depression.


Elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia can benefit from regular aromatherapy as it reduces their more difficult behaviors.

Which Scents To Use In Aromatherapy for Seniors ?

Our products incorporate a bouquet of safe and pure essential oils that are known to relieve stress and calm and soothe the senses. These include jasmine petals, rose, tea leaves, lavender, peppermint, Ginger and Patchouli, Vetiver and Freesia. The scent of jasmine helps boost feelings of contentment, sharpens memory performance and improves overall mood. On the other hand, the rose scent works best for seniors with dementia. The essential oil helps decrease cortisol levels and improve their memory. The Eucalyptus scent can have a calming effect similar to that of anti-anxiety medications. Stressed out seniors and caregivers can go for lemongrass. It enhances feelings of happiness, making people stay in a good mood almost instantly and for a long period.

The Magic Scent is a proud member of Florida Senior Living Association (FSLA).

Market Leading Cold-Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

Advanced nanotechnology helps achieve the maximum decomposition of the essential oils molecules into the air. The oils are uniformly and rapidly diffused in the surrounding area in an exquisite way. Discover our elegant, discrete and easy-to-use scent delivery systems.