TMS F1 White Aroma Diffuser (200 sq.ft)



TMS F1 WHITE AROMA DIFFUSER features a stylish design in classic white, suitable for any interior design. TMS F1 fits perfectly in a car cup holder or as a stand-alone unit in your home, office, bathroom and yacht. 

Our waterless system uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils. The hypoallergenic and BPA-free scent delivery system is safe for families and pets.

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  • 1 Year Warranty 

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  • 4 TIMER SETTING LIGHTS: TMS F1 has only one ON/OFF control button. You can set any timer as you prefer by the control button, and distinguish it via the indicator lights.
  • POWER SUPPLY: TMS F1 is a multi-functional aroma diffuser. It has rechargeable battery, USB cable to charge in your car and electrical power adapter to charge at home or office.
  • SIZE: Mini compact size of 133 mm height
  • SAFE & PORTABLE: BPA free, safe for families and pets.
  • SCENT CONTAINER: 10 ml essential oil

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

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