TMS F1 BLACK AROMA CLASSIC DIFFUSER features a stylish design in classic black that’s suitable for any interior style. Want to take your scents on the go? The TMS F1 is also a portable aromatherapy diffuser that fits perfectly in a car cup holder or as a stand-alone unit in your home, office, bathroom, or yacht—or wherever else you want to use it.

The TMS F1 is a small aroma diffuser powered by a waterless system that uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles, ensuring consistent and subtle scenting while preserving the therapeutic properties of the aroma oils. The hypoallergenic and BPA-free scent delivery system is safe for families and pets, and offers the best and most long-lasting scent technology for your home.

  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • 1 Year Warranty