Leather Blend

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Inspired by : Yves Saint Laurent perfume

Top Notes: Bergamot, paper, violet

Middle Notes: Cardamon, rose, geranium

Base Notes: leather musk, amber, vanilla, pine tar, oud wood

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This scent is a soothing blend of vanilla, leather, musk, amber, pine tar and oud wood. As its middle notes you could feel the cardamom, rose and geranium which when released has soft bergamot, pepper and violet notes

  • Oud eases neurotic and obsessive behavior and helps create harmony and balance in your home. Moreover, it is highly effective for meditation, enlightenment, bringing deep tranquility and relaxation. Last but not least, oud is said to bring connection with the transcendent, stimulating the psyche, human body and consciousness.
  • Amber oil is derived from an exclusive ancient fossilized tree resin. Because of his lovely woody sweet scent that we describe as resinous, amber has been defined as one of the most popular ingredient in producing of luxury fragrances.

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