Rose Elixir

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Inspired by : Montale, Paris

Top Note –  Bulgarian Rose, Lemon

Middle Note – Rose hip, Geranium, Mint

Base Note – Violet leaves, Musk

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It is widely known that the Bulgarian rose oil (extracted from Rosa damascenа) has the highest quality among other rose oils and this makes it a preferred ingredient for a lot of famous fragrance producers. Called “the queens of flowers”, the rose blossoms are hand-picked early in the morning as if they are picked later, they lose their delicate scent. An interesting fact about rose oil is that, like diamonds, it does not change with time. The sophisticated scent of the Bulgarian Rose and the rosehip has anti-inflammatory, astringent, relaxant, and aphrodisiac properties which cannot be duplicated or replicated. The geranium on the other hand, gives a scent that’s similar to rose, but with a lemony twist, and less of the powderiness. The fresh mix includes lemon and mint which give the aroma a rich, green, fruity-mint rosiness. The violet and musk notes give this scent its depth and richness. Almost cool-as-a-cucumber, a touch metallic – yet fresh and new-mow-grass-y at the same time, the violet leaf smells very
‘green’ and energizing.

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