Where to Scent

– Use the art of the scent in any industry!

There are different factors that add value to a business and create the atmosphere inside a business building. Besides the interior, the lighting and quality of the services, fragrance is another way to make a positive impression upon your customers and offer a pleasant working environment for your employees as well. It really makes a difference when a public place smells great.

Essential oil diffusers can help you attract more than customers for your business. They help you create a pleasant and welcoming environment.The use of an essential oil system can bring several great benefits to your business.

 By using aroma diffusion systems you can impress your customers in a unique way they won’t forget soon. Scent is in fact an effective communication tool. It can help you retain new customers and increase your sales as well as help your employees be more productive.

By adding pleasant fragrances to our business space you will definitely improve the overall customer experience of your customers and make them feel great while visiting your business facility. 

When your customers feel happy they are consequently more likely to make a purchase from you. That’s because scent is a really powerful tool for making customers enter the so-called “buying mode”.

Something small such as adding a beautiful fragrance can help you create the right ambiance at your business building and make your business profitable. Cold-air aroma diffusion systems are the best aroma delivery systems on the market.

 It is scientifically proven that scent is the sense that is most closely linked to memory. That is why fragrances influence our mood and can induce a certain emotion. Pleasant scents  leave a long-lasting impression and they can help you popularize your brand name among your customers, guests or residents. 

The right type of scent is a sign of professionalism, hospitality and dedicated care for customers. By introducing scents in your business building you can make your customers or hotel guests feel special and cared for and create a positive emotion for them.

Essential oil diffusion systems can be installed at a variety of business places. You can use an aroma diffusion system at:

  • your office,
  • retail store,
  • showroom,
  • restaurant,
  • café,
  • hotel lobby,
  • health center,
  • transport place,
  • lounge,
  • meeting room,
  • spa,
  • fitness center,
  • casino,
  • night spot,
  • senior living residences.


If you are looking for an aroma diffuser for business, The Magic Scent offers you different types of essential oil diffusion systems that work with a unique scent technology that is effective, safe and easy to use. They use special nanotechnology in the aroma delivery process. Each essential oil diffuser has a compressor that turns essential oils into a mist  and diffuses it into the surrounding area.

The essential oil diffusers offered by The Magic Scent use an advanced nanotechnology which achieves consistent and uniform scent at any type of place. These scent machines use cold-air diffusion technology that includes cold-filtered air and highly pressurized air to break down essential oils into nanoparticles and diffuse them into the air.

The best aroma diffusion systems for business are TMS100, TMS300, TMS1000 and TMS1500. These essential oil diffuser models feature a wide range of settings. TMS1000 and TMS1500 are mostly preferred for scenting large business spaces. They can bring your favourite scent blends to every place you want and leave a long-lasting fragrance.

Each essential diffusion system has its technological characteristics. TMS 1500 for example is a HVAC essential oil diffuser that has the capacity to scent large areas inside home or office buildings, shopping malls, hotel lobby areas, floors and even airport spots.

The Magic Scent offers stand-alone portable units aroma diffusers for those of you who want to scent a small area of their business property.

The essential oil systems can be installed in several ways. They can be 

  • either standalone,
  • wall-mounted ,
  • placed outside or inside A/C units,
  • through a  HVAC connection.


The design of these aroma diffusion systems is convenient and elegant which helps you fit your essential oil diffusion systems into your building in a discreet way. It’s completely safe for A/C units.

The particles of the essential oils form a fine dry mist which stays in the air instead of falling down. In this way the essential particles effectively permeate the air.  This achieves a subtle fragrance that has a long-lasting effect. The essential oil diffusers are waterless and produce no residue or leakages.

The essential oil diffusers offered by the Magic Scent work with a smart technology and they can be adjusted according to your personal preferences and type of business. You can choose a working time period and scent intensity level for your essential oil diffusion system.

No matter what type of business facility you have, essential oil diffusion systems can be used for different types of places. They offer versatility thanks to their custom setting programs that  can be easily customized according to the specific scent needs of each type of business building. 

The aroma diffusion systems are easy to use by everyone and offer effective and long-lasting scenting for different types of businesses.

Scent diffusion systems are hypoallergenic and completely safe for use at places where there are kids and pets. The scent machines of The Magic Scent don’t contain toxic chemicals and they are completely free of aerosols, VOC, propellant gas.

Main positive features of essential diffusers:

  • rapid decomposition of essential oil molecules 
  • different fragrance intensity levels
  • “multi-task” option–  up to 3 different programs per day. For example: light in the morning, mild at noon, strong at night
  • fully programmable cycle
  • easy-to-use digital display 
  • build – in FAN which is used to improve the diffusion of essential oils
  • automatic Start/Stop option 
  • work mode noise-free work mode
  • ultra-low energy consumption 


The Magic Scent offers you also a high-end scent collection that includes different scent blends for every mood and type of setting.

Essential oils have many proven therapeutic qualities. They can have a direct positive influence on your physical and mental well-being:

  • Positive mood
  • Stress-relief
  • Increased energy
  • Better productivity
  • Increased focus, alertness and creativity


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Health Center



Restaurant and Cafe

Senior Living

Office/ Bank


Night Spot


Why Scent Marketing?

Since the beginning of time, the sense of smell has played an important part in human evolution. People have developed their sense of smell in order to understand and interpret the environment. Nature has created everything around us, and has endowed each form with their own scent. Each creature has its own special scent through which it declares its identity and communicates with other species. It is said that the right scent is considered an ideal communication tool. It is also a fact that a business environment without a proprietary scent is not as effective in communicating its brand or value to customers. Since business places, such as stores, retail chains, hotels, etc., are considered a human creation, they are not expected to have their own natural scent. Therefore, obtaining a unique scent has the power to transform your business and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

The Power of Smell

5 important facts about scent effect


1. Smell is the closes sense linked to memory.

2. The sense of smell is responsible for 80% of what we taste.

3. The sense of smell is at work even when we are sleeping.

4. Every day 75% of our emotions can be generated by smell.

5. With 40% accuracy we can remember what we saw over the course of a month. With 60% accuracy we can remember what we smelled for an entire year, and the combination of sight and smell can enhance results even further.

Most international companies have known for years that certain scents can help customers get into the “buying spirit”. If you have ever visited an Abercrombie & Fitch store, you’ll experience the right scent for yourself!

Market Leading Cold Air Diffusion Technology

Scenting Solutions for All Types of Spaces.

We have the most advanced technology in the aroma industry. We preserve the natural essence of our oils, which maximized the therapeutic benefits.

The Power of the Right Fragrance

A study conducted by a financial services company concluded that the staff made 40% fewer errors when the scent of cinnamon was used in the workplace.

When inhaled, certain diffused essential oils boost the body’s immune system.

Helps increase sales.

Enhance customer satisfaction.

3 times more memorable than sight alone.

Tests using peppermint were reported to increase efficiency while maintaining a clean, fresh, and invigorating atmosphere.

Encourages positive memories.

Get a superior return on investment (“ROI”) by adding scents – they are an inexpensive experience enhancement for your customers.

Global Companies That Use Scent as a Marketing Tool

We at The Magic Scent understand the importance of customer service and interaction. It is our duty to help you maximize your advantage in your business by utilizing the power of scent marketing. We level the playing field by providing the same advantages usually enjoyed by larger corporations to businesses of all sizes.

If you do not have a multi-million dollar marketing budget like these companies listed above, don’t worry – you will get the same results by working with us.