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We have the most advanced technology in the aroma industry. We preserve the natural essence of our oils, which maximized the therapeutic benefits.

Your home environment is the place where you should be feeling most comfortable spending time at. It should provide you with a relaxation and cozy environment. 

One of the things that can make you feel amazing instantly is scent. Scent is the most powerful of all senses and it really has the ability to influence your mood and induce a certain emotion.

Every homeowner wishes to have a home environment that smells amazing. A well-smelling place always improves the mood and brings a positive emotion. 

One of the best ways to turn your home into an amazingly pleasant place and make it feel even more comfortable and cozy is to use an essential oil room diffuser. 

A home essential oil diffuser is an aroma diffusion device that works with essential oils of natural origin. It uses special nanotechnology to break these essential oils into tiny molecules and then disperses them into the air.  

This automated technology is an innovative scenting solution that includes the use of a cold-filtered air combined with a highly pressurized air. The nanotechnology of the room scent diffusers breaks down the essential oils into small particles which form a fine dry mist. 

What is unique about this aroma delivery method is that the fragrance mist doesn’t fall down like a spray but it stays in the air and brings a consistent scent saturation in  the surrounding area.

Room scent diffusers provide you with an effective and uniform scent diffusion that stays in the air for a long time. So, you can enjoy amazing scent blends long after they have been diffused into the air.

Home oil aroma diffusers can be used in different types of home environment. The Magic Scent offers home scent diffusers in different sizes and in a stylish design in white and black colors.

The best home oil diffusers  are TMS 300, TMS 100 and TMS F1 and they are mostly preferred for installing at home buildings.

 Their elegant and convenient design makes home fragrance diffusers suitable for combining well with different types of home interior and rooms of different size. 

There are many great reasons to use an essential oil room diffuser for your home. Home scent diffusers bring many benefits to both your physical and mental well-being and home as well. 

Because these scent machines use 100% natural essential oils in their aroma delivery process, they provide you with all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The fact that the essential oil diffusers use natural essential oils means that the natural essence of the essential oils is preserved and you can enjoy an amazing high quality fragrance.

The essential oils offered by The Magic Scent are made entirely by natural ingredients and raw materials of high quality. This guarantees that the fragrance is of high quality and has a long-lasting effect.

 The natural essence of the room diffuser oils is preserved in all of the fragrances offered by The Magic Scent. This allows you to enjoy your favourite scent for a long time and get most out of their powerful effect on the mind and body.


What are the main benefits of essential oils:

  • Positive mood and stress-relief
  • Energy boost
  • Improved focus and memory
  • Increased productivity
  • Soothing effect
  • Easy breathing
  • Protection against bad odors and mold
  • Relief for headaches and migraines
  • Antibacterial protection against airborne viruses and pests


The best home scent diffuser models have different features and settings which allow you to enjoy your favourite scents with the exact intensity you like and for the exact amount of time you choose.

 Another great advantage of essential oil diffusers is that they are customizable and can be suited to the scenting needs of your home building because of the wide range of settings they have.

Some of their settings include:

  • USB cable,
  • fully programmable cycle w/ easy-to-use digital display,
  • automatic Start/Stop option,
  • multiple fragrance intensity levels,
  • ability to “multi-task” – runs up to 3 different programs per day.


For example, you can set your chosen fragrance to be light in the morning, mild at noon or strong at night.

The Magic Scent’s essential oil diffusion systems achieve a quiet operation and their energy consumption is ultra-low.

The USB cable of the essential oil diffusers allows a multiple usage.

The Magic Scent offers you different types of home scent diffusers. You can either choose a large room diffuser or an aroma diffuser designed for small home spaces. 

If you want to feel your favourite aroma everywhere in your home property, you need a large room oil diffuser for your home. The best diffusers for large rooms are TMS 100 and TMS 300  that can diffuse effectively scents to a large room area. 

These types of essential oil diffuser for large rooms can be used for medium to large size types of home spaces .Thanks to their  built-in fan these scent machines can achieve an evenly scent spread. They are also hypoallergenic and don’t use water.

 These essential oil diffusion systems don’t produce fragrance residue and they are completely safe to your A/C units.

TMS F1 essential oil on the other hand is suitable for scenting home spaces of small size as well as entrances and even cars. It’s a portable unit essential oil diffuser.

 Thanks to its small and practical design this type of essential oil diffuser can fit into a car cup holder and it can be also used as a stand-alone in a home or office building.  

Besides the room oil diffusers the scent types offered by The Magic Scent are perfectly safe for use too. They are suitable for those of you who have kids or pets. They doesn’t contain any chemical compounds, aerosols, propellant gas, VOC or other harmful chemicals.

The system is water less and it uses cold filtered air pressure to break down the essential oil into a dry mist of nanoparticles. Instead of falling down like a spray, this dry mist ensures consistent and subtle scenting. Hypoallergenic and BPA free scent delivery system.

 Using essential oil diffusers help you also sanitize your area in an effective way and keep your home environment clean and germ-free in an easy and convenient way.

What is cold air diffusion?

Our system uses cold-filtered air in combination with highly pressurized air to break down the essential oils into a dry mist of nanoparticles. Instead of falling down like a spray, these nanoparticles permeate the air and ensure a consistent saturation of the air. As a result, the surrounding environment benefits both from the equal diffusion of the scent and from the natural therapeutic benefits of the oils, such as: defense against mold, pests, airborne viruses, bacteria, and unpleasant odors.

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Our Scents

The Magic Scent gathers ONLY natural raw materials and essential oils to formulate its’ fragrance solutions.

Each scent has been crafted with highest quality of ingredients to deliver physical and mental well-being. In accordance with the latest trends in the aroma industry, our fragrances preserve the natural essence of the oil and provide numerous aromatherapy benefits for your health:

  • Improved focus
  •  Increased energy
  • Enhanced mood
  • Clear breathing
  • Increase in productivity
  • Stress-relief

Why is it better?

Say goodbye to all of the ineffective products in your home and say “Hello!” to our high-end home scents collection.

No aerosol

You would need inferior aerosol sprays which typically only last for a few days and are often overpriced.

No Propellant Gas

Heated diffusers and those that involve water destroy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. When heated, scents do not disperse.


Our essential oil-based scents are healthy and emit zero toxic gases, supporting your health and the environment at the same time.

No Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals can impair your immune function and compromise your health. Our scent diffusers are created with the health of you and your business in mind, and we never use toxic chemicals in any of our products.