Signature Scents

The Magic Scent creation of a signature fragrance is a unique process. We collaborate with our customers to create something unforgettable that both tells a story and creates an artistic reference that becomes part of our customer’s brand.

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Creation Process


Each scent is composed of natural essential oils, the finest raw materials and exquisite aromas.


The Magic Scent team designs, dreams and fashions signature scents that connect brands with their customers on an emotional level.


With our scent development approach, we define the exact audience, and then ensure the scent fits seamlessly within a brand’s auditory cues, visuals and overall message.


When incorporated into the customer’s environment, the scent becomes memorable, recognizable and an integral part of the brand identity.

If you’re looking for a signature scent for your hotel, retail store, automotive or airline brand, special event or high-end private property, The Magic Scent can help. From creating a fragrance that is uniquely yours to providing the most innovative scent delivery technologies available, The Magic Scent is your destination for all your aroma needs.

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Once created, your signature scent can be experienced by using The Magic Scent professional cold air diffusion technology. It’s appropriate for any space or design.

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